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PeacePuff™ - Freedom Necklace

PeacePuff™ - Freedom Necklace

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❌ Curbs Bad Habits

😌 Relieve stress/anxiety naturally

🌱 100% safe stainless steel (eco-friendly)

🧠 One-time solution backed by Science

How does it work?

Designed with corrosion-resistant steel, the Freedom Necklace helps you quit smoking or vaping by replacing the hand-to-mouth action of smoking, whilst also relieving stress and anxiety naturally by controlling your exhale to produce a calming effect on your mind & body.


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Find A Solution That Finally Works..

Are you seeking a natural way to ease stress and anxiety?

The Freedom Necklace offers a serene solution.

It's uniquely crafted to ground you in the present moment, encouraging feelings of calmness and peace through controlled, mindful exhalation.

This elegant accessory is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a tool for fostering tranquility in your daily life.

Step into Freedom: Your Path to a Healthier Tomorrow

Need lasting relief without damaging your lungs with harmful & toxic chemicals?

We all know you can't break bad habits without replacing them with a new one...Say hello to the Freedom Necklace!

How it works?

For Transforming Daily Habits:

The Freedom Necklace is designed to assist in transitioning away from certain habits by simulating the physical action associated with them. It offers a tactile alternative, aiding in redirecting the habitual hand-to-mouth motion towards a healthier practice.

For Relieving Stress/ Anxiety:

The Freedom Necklace's design creates resistance to the airflow, which helps you naturally activate the body’s relaxation response to reduce stress/anxiety.

''It's too expensive''

Bad habits doesn't just harm your mental and physical health, it also does serious harm to your financial health.

Did you know a typical individual in this habit spends a staggering $1256 each year?

Think about all the exciting opportunities that money could bring you - like travel experiences, nice treats, savings, or gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it mimic electronic inhaling devices?

By inhaling from the necklace you experience a sensation just like taking a satisfying "drag."

Then slowly exhaling helps relieve any feelings of anxiety that stem from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Regular use encourages a sense of inner peace and improved emotional well-being, helping you break free from smoking.

It's not just an cool looking tool, it's a symbol that represents your commitment to a path towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

Can't I just use a straw?

While it's true that we can naturally breathe and practice breathwork on our own, the Freedom Necklace is a physical reminder to make intentional breathing a part of your everyday life. It's a visual cue to take a moment for yourself and reconnect with your breath, even during the busiest of days.

The tube-shaped pendant is designed to gently guide your exhales, encouraging a slower and more controlled breath. This brings a sense of relaxation, reduces stress, and encourages mindfulness, leaving you feeling calmer and more present.

How do you clean it?

  1. Fill a bowl or sink with warm water.
  2. Add a small amount of mild dish soap to the water and mix well.
  3. Place the pendant in the soapy water and let it soak for a few minutes.
  4. Use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to gently scrub the pendant.
  5. Rinse the pendant thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  6. Dry the pendant with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water spots or streaks.

Is it waterproof?

Yes! Our Freedom Necklace is durable and corrosion-resistant, so it won't rust or tarnish.

Can I track my order online?

Absolutely! A shipping notification with tracking details will be sent via email after your order has shipped.